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Domestic Violence with Kit Gruelle

Kit GruelleFilm producer and community activist Kit Gruelle joins the show for an important conversation about domestic violence.

Kit Gruelle is a survivor of domestic violence and has worked as a professional advocate for domestic violence victims for 20 years. She is a community educator who lectures to law enforcement, criminal justice, clergy, and health care and advocacy professionals all over the United States. She is featured in several training films and has written protocols for sexual assault and domestic violence first responders and for hostage negotiators. She also educates legislatures about domestic violence reform and serves as a commissioner for the North Carolina Crime Victims Compensation. Ms. Gruelle is the producer of Private Violence, a feature-length documentary film aimed at educating the community about the history of  domestic violence in America.

Please tune in either Saturday at 9am, Sunday at 9am and 5 pm, or Monday at 6pm and 10pm on WCHL 1360AM.


Listen to the show!

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