Posted by: yourhealthradio | July 14, 2010

Smoking in Europe

Just returned from touring Europe with the family. In England, France and Italy, comprehensive laws exist that smoking is not allowed indoors anymore, in bars or restaurants. What a great improvement that we in North Carolina now experience this year. However, Smoking occurs outdoors now in front of public areas and buildings all the time.  Cigarette litter is everywhere.

So, what is the next great frontier? First, young women everywhere were smoking. We must counter industry marketing to these women that smoking makes you look feminine, sexy, successful or cool. Second, we must extend smoking bans in public places to outdoor areas where non-smokers also congregate. For instance, in the courtyard of the Vatican, smoking was rampant- no short skirts or shoulders bared, but smoking allowed with few restrictions. Third, we must treat cigarettes like other commodities- DO NOT LITTER, and if you do, you should be fined. Cigarettes are the number one by product cause of worldwide pollution. They do not biodegrade for decades.  The ground is NOT a private tobacco butt receptacle for smokers.  The world is changing, and we can improve it in Europe, America and the rest of the world.

Dr. A

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