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How Much Fast Food (CAN) (SHOULD) You Eat After a Heart Attack?

If you had a heart attack, would you cut back on eating fast food?  The answer seems obvious, but the results may shock you.  The American Journal of Cardiology conducted a study that followed nearly 2,500 heart attack patients, seeing how many of them were fast food eaters before and after their heart attacks.  Did they continue eating fast food?

At the beginning, 36% of patients (close to 750) said they frequently ate fast food, in this case ‘frequent’ meaning they ate it at least once a week.  Six months after suffering heart problems, only 20% (about 500) of the patients, were still eating fast food on a frequent basis.   So out of that group that had originally been eating a lot of fast food, most of them were still eating fast food even after their heart attack.

But one important thing to consider here, is although they did say they were eating fast food, it can be argued that maybe they were choosing healthier options that many fast food restaurants now offer.   The fast food industry has made efforts, in response to consumer preferences, to put some healthier options on the menu.  Now more then ever before, you can get healthier items at most fast food places.  Also, some chains now promote eco friendly, or nutritious, fast food choices.

While high sodium and high fat foods in restaurants should be avoided, we know people need to live in the world around them as they make sustainable changes.  Demand more of what you want.  Black or white answers of good or bad food choices are not the answer for most people when it comes to eating out.

Check out the list of top ten healthy fast food restaurants

Test yourself on making healthier choices in common fast food restaurants at WebMD, or for general tips, you can go to HELPGUIDE.ORG, or even one of our “favorite” fast food chains, Evos.

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