Posted by: yourhealthradio | March 31, 2011

Professor Glassman and Emerging Technologies in Public Health

This weekend on YOUR HEALTH®, Professor Bernard Glassman will join us to discuss emerging technologies in public health. Professor Glassman is the owner of 3AM Communications and a professor in the UNC School of Public Health.

Please tune in! We’re on the air:
– Saturday at 9am
– Sunday at 9am & 5pm
– Monday at 6pm & 10pm

Listen to the Show!

Show Topics:

  • Segment 1 (minute 0-11): Google & tracking diseases, UNICEF using cell phone technology for reporting, use of technology in the exam room
  • Segment 2 (minute 11-22): pictures & diagnosis, app  for microscopes, what to trust on Google
  • Segment 3 (minute 22-31): electronic medical records, supercomputers & health care, flu shot
  • Segment 4 (minute 31-41): physician interaction, Wii Fit vs. traditional exercise


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