Posted by: yourhealthradio | April 14, 2011

The Mental Health Crisis in America’s Prisons with Dr. Terry Kupers

This weekend on YOUR HEALTH® we’ll talk with forensic psychiatrist and professor at The Wright Institute, Dr. Terry Kupers about the mental health crisis in America’s prisons.

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– Saturday at 9am
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– Monday at 6pm & 10pm

Listen to the Show!

Show Topics:

  • Research that Matters (minute 0-10): fitness vs. weight for CVD, eczema & obesity in children, fish & bone health, PSA tests
  • Conversations with Dr. Terry Kupers on the Mental Health Crisis in America’s Prisons (minute 10-32)
  • House Calls (minute 32-43): bone spurs or bunions, Colace & irritable bowel syndrome, losing weight, hearing aids & pacemakers

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