Posted by: yourhealthradio | July 12, 2011

Can eating vegetables add a year (or more) to your life?

Its no secret eating vegetables is good for your health? But is it good enough to add one, two or more years to your life?  If so, we would want to share this research widely!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study looking at 135 adults in Shanghai, China over a several year period. During the study, 4% of the people died, but overall they found that people who consumed the most broccoli in their diet were 15% less likely to die than those who ate the least amount.  The study actually looked at a vegetable category called “mustards” that includes vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

They tried to rule out other things like age, weight, smoking, vitamins, exercise-things that they know are linked to a longer life- in order to make a better link to the veggies.

This study cannot prove that it is a causal relationship, but…. lets be clear, there is NO downside at all to eating more of these veggies. So go ahead, eat up and maybe gain some life in the process.

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