Posted by: yourhealthradio | September 6, 2011

If you’re a woman who knows she needs to improve her lifestyle, reading this might help you start TODAY!

Sudden Cardiac Death, or SCD, is responsible for over 50% of deaths that are associated with overall cardiac mortality.  But is there a way to adjust your lifestyle so that you may lower your risk of SCD?

According to a study done in The Journal of the American Medical Association there are important changes you can make to avoid SCD.  We’ve talked frequently about the importance of exercise and eating a healthy diet, but this article actually looked at how these particular things could affect the risk of sudden cardiac death among women, a disease that is likely under-recognized as a major cause of death in women.

There are four very important lifestyle choices a woman can make to avoid SCD.  All women (and men!) should eat properly; this includes a Mediterranean diet consisting of fruits, veggies, nuts and beans. Women should also maintain a healthy weight (a BMI between 20-25), avoid smoking (and any tobacco use), and exercise on a daily basis (walk, swim, bike, run, elliptical).

Together, those four lifestyle factors produce a 92% decrease in the risk of sudden cardiac death. That’s a hugely significant difference, without any kind of drugs or risks.  We absolutely prescribe this lifestyle change for everyone, this includes men too!

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