Posted by: yourhealthradio | December 1, 2011

Does Eating Two Fish a Day REALLY Keep the Chance of Stroke Away?

Researchers just reported a large review of 15 studies with over 9300 strokes among over 380,000 people, looking at whether people who eat more fish are less likely to have a stroke.  According to the research, those who eat the most fish are significantly less likely to have a stroke.  Yet, to be honest, the researchers showed that for every increase of 3 servings per week in fish consumption, there was a 6% reduction in risk of total stroke.  So…….

We know there are a high number of new strokes each year in the United States, strokes that are debilitating and often deadly.   While increasing fish and omega -3 fatty acid consumption offers multiple good health benefits, most of us will not eat more fish just to reduce our stroke risk.  That is because most people can do far more for their health dollar by making major lifestyle changes like smoking cessation, reducing excessive alcohol consumption when present, weight loss and blood sugar control, and lowering high blood pressure.

Certainly, increased fish consumption that replaces high saturated fats, is a benefit.  If you have increased risk of stroke, and if you aren’t eating enough fish, this should be motivation enough to incorporate this simple research TODAY!

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