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Super Bowl & YOUR HEALTH?

4 Super Bowl Questions and Answers

With the Super Bowl upon us, and considering it is one of the most watch events in the World every year, we wondered about research on health outcomes of the Super Bowl (besides money won or lost on the quality of the game or commercials).  Four Super Bowl health questions and answers:

Question One:  If you team wins- are you healthier? Answer- only if you watch. In interesting research published last year in a Cardiology Journal, researchers showed that if you were older and watched the Super Bowl and your team lost, you had a higher risk of dying in the days following the game, and if your team won, you had a lower risk. seems like too many people can get too invested in the outcome.

Question Two: What if you have kidney disease, what might happen when you attend a Super Bowl party- will your kidney disease decline? Researchers actually studied this question with 15 super bowl party goers who were all on dialysis.  Bottom line, they did perhaps party a little too hard, including having some chemical changes, and they did eat foods that were not great for them, but they appeared okay all in all by the time they had their next dialysis treatment.

Question Three: Have researchers really researched the size of the serving bowl for a Super Bowl party? The answer is yes. Researchers had 40 people “volunteer” for the study and they reported, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, no less, that when people go to a Super Bowl party and eat out of bowls that are bigger, they consume almost 50% more calories from snacks compared to if they eat those same snacks from smaller serving bowls. Hmmmm.

Question Four: If you drive on Super Bowl Sunday, when is it safest and when is it most dangerous? Answer– Research in New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Emergency medicine show it is much safer to drive anywhere during the Super Bowl, with less motor vehicle injuries presenting at Emergency Rooms. Conversely, after the game, it is much more dangerous, with excess deaths from cars, even worse than after New Year’s parties.

The bottom line: Eat your Super Bowl snacks from smaller bowls, show a little moderation, stay off the roads right after the game, and if your team is losing, maybe watch something else.

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