Posted by: yourhealthradio | March 22, 2012

Gadget to Monitor Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers is one of the greatest concerns we have as parents.

The American Journal of Epidemiology examined drivers who drive in a jerky manner; driving in a way where they start too fast and then have to brake really fast; that sort of start/stop/start/stop. Researchers wanted to know if that sort of pattern is potentially predictive of future accidents.

The study, which looked at newly-licensed drivers, found that the number of sharp turns and screeching halts the teens made predicted their chance of having a car crash or near-car crash within the next few weeks.

Researchers actually had 42 teen drivers who made 68,000 driving trips. They followed the teens for 18 months and were equipped with a machine to monitor “G-force events”, sudden stopping and going, increased risk of crashes and near crashes.

 This tells us that we may be able to prevent accidents by monitoring teen driving.  If they are “jerky” not the teen type, but simply too quick to stop and start while driving, we should intervene.  Monitors perhaps are an alternative but they are expensive, $500 and have a monthly service fee, but for some parents this may be well worth to really cut down on the risk that your child will have a crash.

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