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Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth about Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works

Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth about Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works

Anne M. Fletcher

Viking Adult, 2013

What do we know about rehab? When we think about rehab today, we imagine glorified hotels for celebrities who have too much time on their hands. Pop culture has twisted the idea that rehab doesn’t really have anything to do with rehabilitation at all. But what happens when it’s your neighbor, or your spouse, or your child, or your friend, who is struggling with addiction? Where do you go then? Anne M. Fletcher, author of Sober for Good, explores the idea of what rehab really is, what works, and how to find it.

In Inside Rehab, Fletcher visits fifteen different rehabilitation programs—some programs are for the spiraling celebrity and others are for the penniless. Her in-depth research includes shocking conversations with real people struggling with very real addictions. After visiting many different rehabilitation centers, Fletcher comes to debunk common myths about rehab and explores which programs are truly beneficial in the journey towards recovery. Throw away any preconceptions you had about Alcoholics Anonymous or the Twelve-Step Program because Fletcher opens a new chapter in searching for the rehabilitation program that is tailored to you.

Inside Rehab goes beyond discussing the necessity for rehabilitation reform; Inside Rehab is also a collection of both heartbreaking and eye-opening stories from individuals who are chained to their addiction. Fletcher doesn’t pretend like she knows what it’s like to suffer with an addiction; instead, she goes straight to the source. She shares the stories of people who have found themselves in a place of complete desperation, looking for a window of light. As a reader, it is sometimes difficult to relate to and understand someone else’s situation that starkly contrasts our own. However, in Inside Rehab, Fletcher perfectly captures the heartbreaking consequences of addiction and why a push towards better rehabilitation is necessary in America.


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