Posted by: yourhealthradio | December 10, 2013

Diet, Our Mind, and Aging Well with Dr. Aron Troen

TroenSpecial guest host, Dr. Amir Barzin, Resident Physician at UNC Family Medicine, will join Cristy to talk with Dr. Aron Troen, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Nutrition and Brain Health Laboratory at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, about Diet, Our Mind, and Aging Well.

Please tune in! This show will air:

• Saturday, December 14th at 9am
• Sunday, December 15th at 9am and 5pm
• Monday, December 16th at 6pm and 10pm

KKAG Retro Radio 88.7FM
• Sunday, December 14th at 7am

Listen to the Show!

Show Topics:

  • Research that Matters (min 0-11) bacon-eating men & sperm count, Oreo addiction, women’s course of drinking, flu shots & heart health
  • Conversations with Dr. Aron Troen about, Diet, Our Mind, and Aging Well (min 11-30)
  • House Calls (min 30-40) mold in the home, pregnancy & potential heart failure, plan B pill, proteus syndrome




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