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The FIRST Program: Acceleration to Service

This weekend on YOUR HEALTH® Adam & Cristy will be talking with Thomas D’Angelo, Thane Campbell, Kyle Melvin and Dr. Erin Fraher, medical students in UNC School of Medicine’s FIRST Program and Professor in the UNC Department of Family Medicine about The FIRST Program: Acceleration to Service.

Please tune in! The show will air:FIRST

• Saturday, June 18th at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
• Sunday, June 19th at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
• Monday, June 20th at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

KKAG Retro Radio 88.7 FM
• Sunday, June 19th at 7 a.m.

Listen to the show on Scroll down to the June 18, 2016 link.

  • Research that Matters (min 0-08:04) Obesity can contribute to risk for aggressive prostate cancer; Those who might have dementia but don’t have a diagnosis more likely to engage in risky behavior such as driving; Large number of knee and hip replacement patients still on opioids several months after surgery
  • Conversations with Thane Campbell, Thomas D’Angelo, Kyle Melvin and Dr. Erin Fraher (min 10:32 -31:24)
  • House Calls (min 31:29-39:13) As a recent college graduate, what sorts of things do I really need insurance coverage for?; How can we keep our young son’s Epi Pen with him when he’s at a friend’s house?; How can I make end-of-life decision for my mentally challenged relative when I can’t explain the decisions to her?

Research that Matters

Obesity and aggressive prostate cancer

News Item

Dementia diagnoses and risky behavior

News Item

Hip & knee replacement patients and opioids

News Item

Conversations with Thane Campbell, Thomas D’Angelo, Kyle Melvin, and Dr. Erin Fraher

FIRST program at UNC’s School of Medicine 
UNC Newsroom article
NC rural health research from the Sheps Center

House Calls:

Choosing health insurance for recent college graduates 
Epi pen information
Making end of life decisions

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