Posted by: richarlm | February 27, 2019

What You Need to Know Before Giving to a Charity

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Before you give to a charity, take the time to find out about that organization first. The resources below will help you find the information you need to give with confidence.

Find more information on charities with these tips and websites.

  • Some charities will change names, combine with another group, splinter off from a parent group, or use a shortened form of their official name. Most charities use their official name at the very bottom of their homepage, or on their “About Us” page.
  • Search variations of a charity’s name, especially if the name includes a number or symbol.
  • Smaller charities might be listed as “No rating” in a watchdog group because the group only provides ratings of larger charities. Seeing a “No rating” note shouldn’t automatically disqualify a charity.

Written by Shannon Delaney


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