Posted by: richarlm | April 15, 2019

Trusted Health Information for You—MedlinePlus

Medlineplus logo

It doesn’t have to be hard to find quality health information online. The website, MedlinePlus, gathers together up-to-date, authoritative health information from trusted sources. MedlinePlus is written in clear, plain language and the website is also available in Spanish. MedlinePlus also gives some links to health information in other languages. You can find information on diseases, conditions, tests, and treatments. The site is produced by the National Library of Medicine and the content is regularly reviewed by health professionals.

MedlinePlus also features health videos, surgery videos, interactive health check tools, and games. The medical encyclopedia has over 4,000 articles which give a great introduction to health topics and have helpful illustrations. Use MedlinePlus to find out more about the health topics that interest you or to spark a conversation with your doctor about your health.

Written by Amelia Llorens, Associate Fellow at the National Library of Medicine


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