Extended Interviews

Want more of your favorite guest? Listen behind the scenes as Adam and Cristy continue talking with guests after the show.

9/20/14 Muscles, Joints, Aches, and Related Diseases, Dr. Joanne Jordan

9/13/14 Accepting Brain Death, Dr. Benjamin Wilfond

8/23/14 Information Technology in Healthcare: A Brave New World, Dr. Donald Spencer

8/9/14 Economics of Substance Use & Abuse, Dr. Gary Zarkin

6/14/14 The Power of Words in Healthcare, Lauren Russ & Jennifer Phillips 

5/10/14 Breast Cancer and Mammograms: Views from CanadaDr. Anthony Miller 

3/1/14 My Parent Has Cancer and It Really Sucks, Marc and Maya Silver

2/15/14 Natural Disasters, Armed Conflict, and Your Health, Dr. Jennifer Leaning

2/8/14 Farm Workers and Health, Dr. Gayle Thomas

12/21/13 The President, Obamacare, and Your Health: Thoughts of a Family Medicine Leader, Dr. Sam Weir

12/14/13 Diet, Our Mind, and Aging Well, Dr. Aron Troen

9/28/13 Drug Labels: Could They Tell Us More, Dr. Ethan Basch

8/10/13 Physician-Assisted Suicide, Dr. Don Boudreau & Margaret Sommerville

5/21/11 The Last Survivor, Michael Kleiman

5/14/11 Pancreatic Cancer: Health, Hope, Research & Collaboration, Dr. Carol Otey

5/7/11 Giving & Receiving Life Through Kidney Transplants, Janice Zunde

4/30/11 “New Life after Cancer” . . . A Story on Health & Healing, Dr. Carolyn Sartor

4/23/11 Caring for Patients Amid Crisis & Disaster, Dr. Richard Vinroot

4/16/11 The Mental Health Crisis in America’s Prisons, Dr. Terry Kupers

3/19/11 Entrepreneurism in Health Care, Chancellor Holden Thorp

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